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About Me

I am primarily a graphics programmer, having worked on a number of rasterized and ray traced renderers for both real-time and offline rendering. Additionally, I have done various types of systems programming for video game engines such as physics, networking and engine architecture. On the side I have also dabbled in machine learning and web development for frontends to things I create or for my personal sites such as this.

As for programming languages, given that I mostly focus on high-performance systems my primary language of choice is either Zig or C++ and sometimes C. For higher level scripting and other less performance-critical tasks, I also use languages such as C#, Python and Lua.

For tasks that involve usage of the GPU I typically use APIs such as OpenGL or Vulkan for graphics and OpenCL or CUDA for compute, though I have also used Direct3D for some things as well.

Aside from programming, I also am an avid music listener, mostly listening to various EDM genres, Hardstyle and Chiptune. In addition to listening I have also created some music as well (though nothing worth presenting yet), mostly Chiptune using FamiTracker as well as LSDJ on a custom audio-oriented original Gameboy.

I also have an interest in retro computing on the PC side of things and collect various hardware from the late 90s or early 2000s. I find the general aesthetic of older games appealing as well and tend to incorperate it in my work when applicable.

Contact Info

I can be contacted via various social and instant messaging platforms, protocols and services, as can be seen below:

While any of these methods may work, I do use some more than others due to the inherent privacy and security advantages they possess. Currently, I use Discord for casual conversation only due to the fact most individuals I talk to use it (this is not an endorsement to use it if you do not have to), Matrix as an alternative to Discord for those who actually have it due to its enhanced privacy and security, and Tox as a preferred method for private fully decentralized communication. E-mail is also perfectly fine as a less real-time communication method, though due to the lack of privacy involved in mail transmission encrypting messages using my PGP key and providing me with your own is recommended.


If you'd like to send me a message via a potentially insecure method or validate something I have signed, my current PGP public key can be found here with the following fingerprint: 04B8 EE60 9A17 3348 DA13 1035 6F62 131E DD07 E7A0.

About This Site

This site is made with Jekyll, a static website generator allowing for easy creation of mostly fixed content without the need for serverside functionality such as blogs and informational sites. Last built on .


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