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About Me

I am primarily a programmer, mostly proficient in the field of computer graphics in both real-time and offline scenarios. Additionally, I have done various types of systems programming for video game engines such as physics, networking and engine architecture. On the side I have also dabbled in machine learning and web development for frontends to things I create or for my personal sites such as this.

As for programming languages, given that I mostly focus on high-performance systems my primary language of choice is C++ and sometimes C. For higher level scripting and other less performance-critical tasks, I also use languages such as C#, Python and Lua.

Since I mostly create graphical and physical simulations I use APIs such as OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, Direct3D and CUDA for any sort of appropriate tasks which require utilization of the GPU.

Aside from programming, I also am an avid music listener, mostly listening to various EDM genres, Hardstyle and Chiptune. In addition to listening I have also created some music as well (though nothing worth presenting yet), mostly Chiptune using FamiTracker as well as LSDJ on a custom audio-oriented original Gameboy.

Contact Info

I can be contacted via various social and instant messaging platforms, protocols and services, as can be seen below:

While any of these are acceptable, I do use some more than others. Currently, I use Discord mainly for casual conversation, and Tox for those who have it for a more private method of communication.

About This Site

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